We LOVE them!!!! You are lovely, every time I have watched the slideshow...I cry...you not only captured my babies beauty and charm, you also captured their amazing little souls. Thank you again.
We wish for you much fortune and success with your craft, you truly have a gift with the lens my friend!


Wow Suzie. We love the photos. We are so thrilled :) It's going to be tough to decide which ones we like best. ~Heidi~


Ohhh my goodness, the pictures are amazing!! We can't stop looking at them! Thank you soo much you have an amazing talent. Thank you so much for your patience with Liam and getting us these great pics, we really appreciate it. ~Alicia~

I just want to thank you for your great job photographing Norah. We were really impressed with the CD and finished images. We will keep you in mind if we need a photographer again and we would definitely recommend your services :) ~Kristy~


Thank you for beautiful pictures. Thank you again you did an amazing job. ~Jana~


You are amazing! The photos are beautiful!!! Thank you! ~Tamara~


I just want to take time and send your way a big thank you for fabulous pictures you made for us on this special Baby Shower Day. This day is so memorable and now with these amazing pictures you made it even more special to us. Thank you for taking lots of pictures of Julia, its so hard to capture that little fire cracker and you did AMAZING job capturing her little beautiful face.We love it and again huge thank you. ~Karolina~


OMG, I just saw the pictures now and I love them! Great job, Suzie! We will make some decisions . . . this is going to be a hard one - they are all so good!